Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Hey! It's fun hacking your fathers BLOG!
We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

Happy Birthday!


Chic Silber said...

Here we have "The Wizard Of Wit

& Welcomed Wisdom" a true Ward

Hall feature presentation

Eric said...

Happy Birthday, Buckles! (Keep in mind that the best is yet to come!)


Chic Silber said...

Let's all raise a glass (or 3)

to offer a toast to our hero

"The Emperor Of The Sandbox"

The provider of fun & frolic

for all who share our interest

GaryHill said...

Happy Birthday Buckles and great job Shannon!! Thanks for all you both do!

klsdad said...

Happy Birthday Buckles!!!
Welcome to 79!!

You've made every one of my days - since I found your blog- happier!!

iiiiiii <candles) X 1,000,0000 !!


Harry Kingston said...

You did an excellent job of hacking and you even used some photos of Buckles smiling.
A job well done.
Harry in Texas

Larry Louree said...

Happy Birthday, Buckles. May all your days be Circus Days!....

Shannon, great hack, the pictures are sure great.

Congratulations on celebrating this birthday! Hope you and the family have a great celebration.

JACKIE said...

Really sorry I missed your ShinDig Sunday, but I did put a card in the mail. Been Ambassador of Mirth at most of the matinees for Circus Sarasota. Was totally surprise with your age, really. Just know that with family you have had a very wonderful day. Remember that your birthday is just a day that starts an entirely new year, so have a Happy, Healthy, Blessed, Prosperous New Year. Love, Jackie LeClaire

Don said...

Happy Birthday Buckles!

Nice tribute Shannon!

Don Covington

David Carlyon said...

Happy birthday, Buckles!

David Carlyon

Bob Momyer said...

Better late than never. Happy Birthday!
Bob Momyer

Wade G. Burck said...

I arranged to sneak under the "internet fence" insisted upon by the fine folks heading the government of the People Republic by using an borrowed internet provider known as "hide my ass"(isn't that a classic name)to wish you a Happy Birthday and many more. Oh oh, there is a knock at the door. They must have tracked me. Jesus, don't let me drop the computer crawling out the window. Good day to you old hoss. My best to your family.

Wade Burck, shit.................

Mr.Lee said...

Happy Birthday ol' friend ! sorry to be late, hope you'll to you , Barbara ,The Shaz and Delilah. and the rug rats too ...