Friday, September 27, 2013

Hunt's Circus #1 (From Richard Flint)

Hunt’s began as a wagon show in 1892 out of Kingston, NY, and later wintered for a number of years in Baltimore. This is the ticket office but whether this is Charles, Sr., with one of his sons that would result in the later use of brothers in the title, I do not know.


Bob Cline said...

Dick, While this wagon isn't as stout as they would be built as little as 10 years later, would the outside sunbursts seem to indicate this was a Bode built wagon?

Dick Flint said...

We know little about the makers of equipment for small wagon shows but I'd bet a lot of it was locally made. Decoration was generally a fancy paint job as sign painters were plentiful. However, any kind of sunburst doesn't make sense for an overland show, especially what is seen here, as it is just more to get stuck in the mud.
I'll add that we are far too familiar with the big heavy H-W and Barnes wagons at Baraboo and think them typical for much of the spectrum of circus history.

John Herriott said...

The founder ,Charles Hunt, would have four children, Charles jr., Eddie, Harry and Charlotte. Charlotte would marry Harry LaVine and she would have a Chimpanzee act for many years on the show even into her mature years, known as "Charlotte LaVine chimpanzees." I believe in the off seasons she would work other dates in the East. SWhe and her chimps would grow old together. Marsha would be the surviving child and would operate the circus on its final go-around.