Thursday, March 07, 2013

To Ryan Easley #1

When Cole & Walters was framed in 1950 the Millers let Herb Walters have three old timers "Daisy", "Victoria" and "Jess" as well as one of the punks my Dad had just trained, "Norma Jean".
This is bob-tail "Daisy" that I elaborated on yesterday, rehearsing her single number by Bob and Billie Grubbs prior to that show's debut in 1950.
My Dad sent Alonzo Dever out with the herd but he died suddenly part way thru the season and was replaced by his helper, a young guy named Wally Ross.


Ryan Easley said...

Thank you for guiding us through the dark, Buckles.

Interesting to learn the beginnings of Wally Ross' career.

Buckles said...

Fifteen years later when I was out West with the Polack Show I brought this up to Wally and he elaborated a bit more.
He said when the season ended Herb Walters decided to winter the show at the Hugo Fairgrounds and the following Spring when he took out to the truck, all four ran back into barn.
Try as he may, he couldn't get them loaded and out of desperation went out to the quarters and explained the situation to my Dad and how frustrated he felt that he couldn't even load his own elephants.
The Colonel explained that everyone has to start somewhere, nothing to feel bad about and jumped into the car and returned with him.
Wally said that was when he learned how to lay out a loading chain for the instigator (Vic) and they jumped right in.
He laughed when he told the story and said, "I thought I was pretty hot stuff up til then!"

Wade G. Burck said...

Doesn't matter how hot you are, because I was hot stuff in 75 when my elephants wouldn't load and took off on my way to Mexico. It's that damn Hugo, Okla., plain and simple. Bob Grubb,good man, was one of the first on the scene to offer his condolences, before setting off in pursuit on his paint horse. If you have elephants, stay the hell out of Hugo. Nothing but bad news.......

Wade Burck

John Herriott said...

Steady, steady, steady, RODEO, which way did they go. Steady,steady, GOOOD GIRL. Ah Shit. Get the tractor and some leg chain,hurry up I can't hold them long. Steady, steady. goood girls. Gimme a smoke.

Wade G. Burck said...

John Milton,
LOL, lol, "give me a smoke!!!!" That's about right. Where's the Jack, I need a bracer.... Lou always told me "don't chase em boy, because you won't catch them. Best shot, try figure out where they are going, and get there first and meet them." Next to standing in the middle of an elephant dustup, a run away is the most frightening to be involved in.

Wade Burck