Tuesday, November 30, 2010

National Geographic #18

Scan13278, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.


Wade G. Burck said...

Great pictures, thank you for sharing. Do you have or have you seen any pictures of Tusko at the barn/building he was housed in at Seattle? Tusko looks like he was in need of some foot work. In this picture his right front leg looks gimpy, similar to Cardens Bo. Did he have a twisted front leg, or is that just the way the picture was snapped.

Wade Burck

Buckles said...

I do have a series of pix showing him being loaded onto a flat bed truck for his trip to Portland and being moved into a barn.
Also a certificate of his height, weight (14,313 lbs.), etc.
I'll run them when I get caught up.

Wade G. Burck said...

Super, will look forward to them. Wow,14,313 lbs., he was a big boy, wasn't he. Did he have any leg problems that you are aware of? Thank you.

Wade Burck

Richard Reynolds said...

The monster African male Yossi at Ramat Gan Zoo, Israel, has been measured at 12 ft.,1 in. tall, weighing a whopping 15,400 lbs. Alan Roocraft said that Yossi is the largest African elephant he has ever seen.

Anonymous said...

Check the second of Slim Lewis's books on elephants.