Sunday, October 31, 2010

St. Louis Zoo #7

Scan13202, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.


Jim A. said...

Clara, one of the eight babies that debuted at the Zoo in 1955, did a one-foot stand. The 1955 act was, no doubt, Director Vierheller's attempt to copy Mack MacDonald's Besalou act complete with the one-foot. Floyd Smith stilled missed the old girls sold to Paul Kelly and being older wasn't up to the challenge of eight young animals. Not a bad zoo act but a computer couldn't count to seventeen while Clara held the one-foot stand.

Wade G. Burck said...

Great series of pictures, friend. I think it might be presumptuous to assume the one foot stand was an attempt to copy Mack's act. Those graphics on the wall are world class though. I had to blink because I thought I was in the jungle for a moment. LOL Did the school kid's in St. Louis paint them? I recall the year Ringling painted the beast wagons for Graham Chipperfield with rhododendron vines and coiled snake's hidden in among them. Just horrible, but I guess it was a valiant show business effort at viewing immersion, none the less.
Wade Burck