Friday, February 27, 2009

Kissimmee Wild Life Meeting #1 (From Jim Cole)

IMG_9301, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

Jimmy said that he was accompanied by Phil Schacht.
In the Panama hat is our tireless leader Dave Orr.

I received a phone call from another attendee who said that several protesters showed up and received a few hoots but that there was something of an outbreak among the exhibitors themselves.


Anonymous said...

Monica Welde is discussing in a follow-up question with Capt. Linda Harrison, Fish & Wildlife Commission more info on the permit needed to get back into Florida. When The Weldes (10 bears) left earlier in the 2008 Season from Myakka City, FL. They were totally unaware they had to have a permit to re-enter Florida on their return to Myakka City Bearadise Ranch in the fall. Apparently Monica is going to download the Fish & Wildlife forms for this season. This was just one of the many questions that was handled during the Open Session of the meeting. Captain West handled the Open Session like a Town Hall Meeting. He displayed more patience then I would have....Presently animal people that don't have a computer this points up the need. Meeting: 7:20 - 9:10 PM Next meeting Crystal River, FL.
e-mail comments: On the subject line, type "Captive Wildlife" DEADLINE: 5:00PM - March 13th.

Anonymous said...

Why does not Capt. West coduct these meetings in a business-like manner ?instead of political forums
If he were truly interested in informing license holders about the latest reulation changes he would hold meetings with license holders and their representatives and not open the doors to those who only have political axes to grind.
I think all proffesionals should call on Capt. West to restrict attendance to people who have legitimate business concerns to discuss.
Are our govt. reps so intimidated by a bunch of college kids that they are afraid to do business in a business-like manor ?
How about it Capt. West?

Wade G. Burck said...

Are you saying that we should have a public meeting/public forum held by the United States Government, and then lock the doors and restrict who can attend and who can not? Sounds rather pre Nazi to me. Or don't you think regulation changes are the business of all American citizens?
Wade Burck

Wade G. Burck said...

Can anybody elaborate on the outbreak among exhibitors. The protester disruptions should be expected, but I should think the other should be severely frowned upon.
Wade Burck