Saturday, November 22, 2008

Doug Ashton's 90th (From Robert Perry)

Doug Ashton's 90th 028, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

Buckles Doug Ashton 90th Birthday 17 Nov 08
Capt schulz Doug Ashton & Dolly Lennon
All in their 90s & all Australian Circus icons
Robert Perry Australia


Anonymous said...

Would this be the same Doug Ashton who clowned on Ringling in the early 1970's?

Anonymous said...

This was answered some time ago

NO it is a very different fellow


Henry said...

I talked to Capt.Schulz on several occasions, great man. Trained Lions and Elephants,mostly in Australia. Before he went to Australia he worked with Alfred Court and Hugo Smith and know just about everybody in the animal training business 50 years ago. He is almost 100 years old and still remembers everything, just a bit slow walking around.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope we look this good in 20some years.
Bob Kitto

Anonymous said...

in 1986 capt schulz was with our show for about 6 months broke in his last lion act for Frank Gasser that we purchased from Frank Gasser
people who seen it say it was one of his best. I have fond memories
of capt in Sydney it was Raining cats & dogs and here was capt out in the Rain fixing the shutters
on the cage that had been damaged
by a truck so the cats would not get wet great Man Robert Perry Australia