Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Martin Lacey Jr. #1 (From Henry Penndorf)

Martin Lacey, Jr.19, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

According to the Circus Fans Italia web site, wild animal trainer Martin Lacey, Jr. was slightly injured at the conclusion of his performance on Saturday night for Circus Krone, by a male lion named Kasanga. From what I read, I think it says that Martin Lacey was injured while feeding a piece of meat to Kasanga. Martin Lacey was taken to a nearby hospital for screening. Not sure what "screening" means.

The attached pictures of Martin Lacey, Jr. with a large male l! ion (Kasanga?) accompanied the posting.

The following is a computer generated translation of the article appeared on Circus Fans Italia...


Christoph Enzinger us about a pair of articles appeared in the German press to which in the course of a show yesterday of the Krone Circus in Germany, Martin Lacey was wounded in the face by his male lion Kasanga in steps final number.
< br>While porgeva to the majestic lion a small piece of meat, was wounded in a cheek from a tooth of the great feline. According to the press office of the circus the number would have been carried out regularly to term by the young English ammaestratore subsequently screened at the nearby hospital.

Let us take this occasion in order to express to the great Martin, our estimated “King Lion” solidarity and closeness for what happened."

These are links to the articles that were carried in the German Newspapers (they are in German).! -dompteur-ins-gesicht_aid_320640.html

Maybe one of your Blog's European readers has more information, or a better translation.

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Wade G. Burck said...

Wow!! That is some heavy duty paper. Are you hiring out your services or are you a private firm.
I to wish Martin Jr. the best, for a speedy recovery. There are a few of us who can honesty say, "we know how it feels" Best wishes,
Wade Burck

Raffaele De Ritis said...

As far I know, what happened is that Martin tripped slightly while feeding the lion, and the teeth entered into his face.He finished the act, then was taken to the hospital. The following day Krone didn't displayed the cage act, but it doesn't seem a seriuos accident.

Anonymous said...

he did not finish the show. there was
a lot of blood in his face but he is absolutly fine....and it was completely his fault!
So back on the horses back....
it´s not worth it to talk about it!!!