Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Magazine unknown #2

Scan10522, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.


Buckles said...

"eschews the hokum"
I couldn't have said it better.

Henry said...

That picture was taken in 1981.
I am standing in the back in Costume for the next act wich was the mixed act with the horses,elephant and tigers and 81 was the last year for that act.

Buckles said...

My favorite eschewed hokum was done on opening night at the Garden when during the first attempt at the elephant teeter-board, Gunther would fake a fall and land in Irvin Feld's private box.

Anonymous said...

Hi Henry!

Good to see you -- or at least your photo from many years ago. Hope you are well.

All best,


Mike Naughton said...

Yes indeed "eschews the hokum" automatically makes it into the vernacular of circusdom along with "John Robinson" and "high seating".

Finally, something new in show business.

If I didn't know better I would have given Jack Ryan credit for "eschews the hokum".

Wade G. Burck said...

Third tiger from the left, although it is hard to tell from behind, looks like either Pinto or Rolls. Is it? Boss always had some of the biggest nicest looking male tigers in his acts. Would Rambo have been in the act at this time?
Wade Burck

Anonymous said...

Henry; Nice to hear that you are "live and kicking". Nice to hear more from you and keep in touch. You were sure "one bof the good guys"

Anonymous said...

Hank... I always thought you were one bof the good guys too. BTW - you look very life-like in that picture! I sure hope you kept that suit!

Henry said...

Hi Wade,
Could`n tell you the name of that Tiger, to many years ago and to many names in between. Stopt working with animals 1990 and yes Ryan, I am still kicking and living in New Zealand.

Bob Karczewski said...

I remember seeing Gunther present his tiger act in Detroit at Cobo Hall or the Joe Louis Arena. While he was busy getting all of the tigers moved into position for the group laydown, one of the tigers at the end of the group off to Gunther's left was harassing his neighbor while looking in Gunther's direction at the same time. Evidently the tiger wanted to keep an eye on Gunther so he wouldn't get caught doing it. Animals can do some funny things.

Anonymous said...

Hello Henry
Have not heard from you since we toured Indonesia with Chips back in '88. I have fond memories of sharing an apartment with you and Jackie Althoff. Would love to catch up: graham@ascotstructures.co.uk
cheers chap