Thursday, July 31, 2008

Frank Buck Movie Banner #5

frank buck5, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.


Roger Smith said...

Edward Anthony is listed as editor for Buck's BRING 'EM BACK ALIVE, in 1930. Anthony contributed an as-told-to credit for Buck's WILD CARGO, in 1932. This may have primed him to team with Clyde Beatty, whose "jungle fever" diagnosis in 1932, lead to the book and movie of THE BIG CAGE, both in 1933. Anthony co-wrote Mr. Beatty's last book, FACING THE BIG CATS, and I met him on the lot in 1964, when he and the Boss were finishing up by writing the captions for the photos. Between the two Anthony books, New York gossip columnist Earl Wilson co-wrote JUNGLE PERFORMERS with Mr. Beatty, for publication in 1941. It was released in December, but Pearl Harbor and WW II kept the book from gaining momentum in the face of the Victory effort. Anthony later co-wrote JUNGLE FOR SALE with animal dealer Henry Trefflich, in 1967.

Roger S.