Thursday, July 31, 2008

Frank Buck Movie Banner #1 (From Hal Guyon)

frank buck1, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

Here is a Frank Buck banner put out by RKO Pictures, it is in five parts, thought you might enjoy it. I also included a picture of Frank Buck & Zoe Dell taken in 1938.

Hal Guyon


Harry Kingston said...

Thanks so much for the great Frank Buck material.
Those old RKO films are something.
that snake he had to shoot off his arm, the lion and tiger fight where the fur is flying, and the elephant round up as a many an elephant goes into that home made corral.
You could pay enough money to go to Africa and sleep in one of those tents back then and have a varmit in the tent with you the next morning. No way man.
Then the large snake that crawls into the pin with the pig and swollows it and cannot get out.
And what those camermen had to go through to get those pictures.
I sure wish i had seen Frank on Al G. Barnes-Sells Floto in 1938 as i bet it was a real show.
Thanks so much again Hal.