Thursday, May 29, 2008

From Joey Ratliff #4

sonny2, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

Robert "Sonny" Ridley


Richard Reynolds said...

Is his nickname “Sonny” or “Sunny?” Seems I have seen it spelled the latter way. He has a lot of fine information about the RBBB herd but is not very approachable unless someone vouches for you - -at least that was my experience.

Buckles I believe it was when you were with the Blue that you introduced me to him. After that he talked up a storm.

Now what was the name of the little guy who worked with the Blue show zebras and other hoofed stock? He was around the show a long time and was up in years when I last saw him.

GaryHill said...

You might be referring to Tommy Henry? He was British, and in charge of hoofstock for many years. The only other person on the show that long is "Smiley"? Sorry but I never learned his real name as he didn't really go by it?

GaryHill said...

That sure looks like Minyak, Sonny is standing in front of? She was my favorite of the punks back then.