Thursday, March 13, 2008

Seal Bros. Circus

SealBros., originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

This view from the November-December 1934 issue of the Big Eli News shows Luke Anderson, hands in pockets, standing in front of the new, 24-foot long Big Eli-built elephant trailer for his dad's Seal Bros. Circus. Driver James Riley in the cab, ready to return to Anderson quarters. It had a canvas roof and steel sides, rounded front end, rolling steel doors, 13-inch drop frame, decorated in aluminum with lettering in black, red and green. Luke planned to haul two bulls, horses and ponies in the truck. They went from Jacksonville, IL to William P. Hall's quarters, where they picked up two elephants and then went on to quarters in Fredonia, Kansas. This very modern looking vehicle was the second elephant truck completed by Eli Bridge.


Anonymous said...

Seal Bros. Circus, Bud Anderson, proprietor 1932-37 and 1948-50