Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Scan10112, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

Might these be Barreda's elephants in Milwaukee?


dpowhitetiger said...

Pic taken at the unloading site of the GREAT Milwaukee Show Grounds across from the entrance of Summer Fest.Thats Jorge Barreda on the left...The tall gentleman is the late great RBBB Tex Copeland...Tex at that time was one of Paul Ingrassia's Consultanting Assistant Circus Parade Directors......I think Tex was in charge of Ringling Jackpots...Jorge's africans have grown since the pic was taken..

Buckles said...

Tex told me that in 1937 when Hagenbeck-Wallace played his home town, he was walking around the lot and bumped into a school friend who had just gotten a job as an usher. He then went to the office and managed to get a job in the same department.
By the time he went home and returned with his duds he was too late to get a place to flop in the coach and had to ride the flats his first night. He said he crawled inside an open top wagon but in order to get comfortable he had to make a nest out of some lumpy bags, two of which he threw overboard.
The next morning while setting up the grandstand he heard some holler, "Where the Hell are those blocks?"
When the season ended he was let go but a friend mentioned that some equipment was being sent to another show in California and he might be able to take him along.
So Tex made the 1938 season with Al G. Barnes and from there to RBBB where he later became a long time, member in good standing of the Concello Sneeze Mob.

Paul Ingrassia said...

Buckles...Barreda indeed with Tex Copeland. They waiting for Great Circus Train to arrrive and to make TV pics of Governor and others. Tex was just the Best! A really great guy, filled with circus history. In the years he was North's personal driver, he must have heard and seen lots of stuff but he NEVER cracked on any of it. He helped me with parade and loved all of it. Not having Tex around anymore hurts...Paul Ingrassia