Thursday, June 28, 2007

King Bros.-Cristiani 1952 #6

SAVE3037, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

I have mentioned several times that in 1954, my family and Fred Logan joined this show with six elephants for the final month while the shows elephants played the Texas dates, only "Alice" and "Mona" remained.
By this time this hippo den had caved in and the center only cleared the ground by inches. It bottomed out on most every lot.


Harry Kingston said...

Hi buckles,
Thanks for these great King Bros. photos.
I saw this parade come down the street in Beaumont, Texas.
I was the ripe old age of 6 years old and Mom carried me there.
We even got to see it twice as it was not a long parade.
I found out years later that Fred Logan had the Al G. Kelly and Miller Bros. elephants over there.
I have a photo of Fred on top of an elephant in the parade.
We went to the circus that night and I guess I was circus sappy ever since.
Seems like it was in November but we had a great time.
This is my only time to have seen a real circus parade but I ahve many memories from then on.
Great days of the circus.

So how many elephants were on the circus then with the King ones plus the KM ones??????

Buckles said...

Freddy had "Kay", "Hattie" and "Barbara" from K-M and we had "Anna May", "Fanny" and "Lydia" working in the end rings (nothing in the center).
"Alice" and "Mona" made a total of eight. I got the feeling it was a let-down after having three rings of big Cole Show elephants that closed a long mount.
You are right, it was in November the house acts were away making the Texas Shrine dates.
Most disappointed of all tho, were the banner men since the number of elephants in the parade decreased 50%.
I don't recall ever seeing much of Floyd King while we were there. Arnold Maley appeared to make all the decisions.

Anonymous said...

This same WQ building is seen in one of the (some years earlier) Downie shots below.