Friday, June 29, 2007

From Robert Perry

hi buckles
photo of perry bros circus solid tyre AEC truck taken in Brisbane Queensland
in 1920 left to right joe marconi ted perry my father alby perry man in uniform
jack stephens the baby elephant in this photo is( tommy) A BULL killed jack stephens
17 years after this photo was taken in parkes New South Wales.

Robert Perry


Anonymous said...

Buckles...NOw this is an interesting picture! In all the stuff we put together for GCP in the years that stellar event was conducted, never thought of an elephant on a flat bed. The idea scares the hell out of me! But it could have been some kind of sight. Hale had his big long horned steer on flat bed ala 101 Ranch. You may recall Barbara had her leopard lying at her feet as she was towed down the route by twelve camels as she sat atop her throne. Used lots of loose snakes. a couple ostriches,Bramha Bulls, enough llamas to give a headache to a bottle of tynenol, but never an elephant. MY only comment in retrospect is...Thank god!...Paul Ingrassia