Wednesday, June 27, 2007

From Richard Flint #2

Downie side show band truck002, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

Guess I should send along the Kelty photos of the other two bands that
made parade for "The Largest Motor Circus in the World." Same year,
1927, as revealed on the Maryland license plates. Andrew Downie's
shows wintered in Havre de Grace, Maryland, then a sportsman's
paradise with great duck hunting, booze, horse racing and easy woman
if you had the money.
Dick Flint


Anonymous said...

Great group of Kelty photos of the three parade units from 1927. You will notice that all three of these chevy trucks have different cabs built for them. Would think with the type of tires available back then, that these single wheel trucks would have been a real problem carrying all that weight. Plus the fact of only a small single spot mirror and only one chance to stop with the mech.brakes.
By the early 30's dual wheel rear ends had taken care of handling the weight issue and a little better braking system would help increase the safety of these trucks.