Monday, June 25, 2007

From P. J. Holmes

William P Hall and camels, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

Enjoyed the Hall farm photos this morning,didn't remember if I had sent you a copy of this or not.
Keep up the good work,

I have seen his picture before, in fact it is included in the series of excellent articles done on Hall by Tom Parkinson and appeared in Bandwagon in the 1970's.
I might add that Tom, along with his brother Bob and Chappie Fox made a trip to Lancaster and by arrangement with Hall's daughter, unearthed an incredible amount of material at the Hall Estate. Also while there, they made a tour of the grounds, nothing left of the elephant barn but the foundation but to their surprise the flop rings still remained. Chappie rounded up someone with a torch and liberated a few and was kind enough to send me one.

PS: There was no mention as to the name of the Hall's daughter. He had two, their names were Sidney and Wilma, one was a school teacher that Hall tried to set up a relationship with my dad but nothing came of it.


Anonymous said...

My dad once dated TWO teachers. One had no class and the other had no principle.