Monday, April 16, 2007

Dr. J.Y. Henderson #1 (From Sue Lenz)

"Doc" came to the Ringling Show in the 1940's along with a group of horses purchased from the King Ranch in Texas. A soft spoken gentleman that was always thought well of, both personally and professionally.
Most of the Veterinarians that followed were extremely ambitious and usually got too involved in matters beyond the welfare of animals.
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Wade Burck said...

Sue, truer world's have never been spoken. Wade Burck

Buckles said...

I failed to mention that the comment was added by me.
Don't want to get Sue in trouble.

J G said...

What's the name of the tiger groom in the photo who came to this country with Gunther?

Anonymous said...

Hans Werner Edling "preparing" the meal?

Sue Lenz said...

I certainly wouldn’t have minded taking credit for Buckles kinds words about Dr. Henderson.

JY was a very close and dear friend of ours and very knowledgeable about chimps as well as all the other animals.

The Circus was very lucky to have had such a wonderful person for so many years.