Sunday, October 29, 2006

Bertram Mills' Circus Equestrians #5

"As I know you specialize in elephant pictures, I am including one of me riding one of Roberts Bros. Circus elephants in 1958".


Anonymous said...

I am sure this elephant was called Baby. The other two elephants in the act were called Bambino and Simba. They were the first elephant act Robert Brothers had, except for one elephant they got from Dudley Zoo in 1946, which was called Maharhani.

The elephant, Baby, originally came from Chipperfield's and was trained by Kossmeyar and then sold to Madam Clara Paulo, where it worked with a small pony and a great dane dog. At the closure of Paulos, Robert Brothers bought her. She was a dangerous elephant. In later years she was presented by Gordon Howes the father of Michael Howes, who works for me. She died in Ireland with Fossett's Circus in 1963.

Anonymous said...

No Jim,
This was Simba, The other one was Baby that Pat Miller was riding.
If my memory serves me correctly I believe Simba died early 1960's.

At that time, (1958) Roberts only had the two elephants.