Monday, August 28, 2006

Dolly Jacobs #1

"Glamorous DOLLY JACOBS presents beauty, grace and aerial equipoise in the 109th Edition of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus."

From the John Goodall collection of Ringling Press Photos.


Anonymous said...

What a great little "bender". I think Dolly was around 14 years old when I joined the show. I remember her short attention span. Barstow would be pontificating about something during rehearsals, and Dolly would be pressing into a one armed handstand on the ring-curb. We shared the same B'Day... Jan. 26th if you want to get me anything! (but a card to Dolly would be nicer)

Anonymous said...

Is Dolly still working?

Buckles said...

She does indeed, with Circus Sarasota and was never better.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous - Dolly still works in Circus Sarasota which puts on a tented circus in Sarasota in February each year (Feb 3 - 26, 2006).

She is co-founder and Vice President of Circus Sarasota along with Pedro Reis, co-founder and CEO. The web site for Circus Sarasota is

Anonymous said...

Tenth Anniversary Edition - Headlining the all-star roster of international circus artist is Sarasota's own Dolly Jacobs. "CELEBRATING A DECADE of EXCELLENCE" February 2-25, 2007. Corner of Tuttle Ave., & 12th St, in the Ed Smith Stadium overflow lot. Under the BIG
TOP. Just blocks north of the old Circus Sarasota fairgrounds lot. info: 941-355-9805 -

Dan H said...

isn't it odd her father was the worlds best clown. Her sister is doing very well with her elephants on Hamid Circus and she is a wonderful aerialist. Thats Circus right there.

Anonymous said...

And when I did the marketing for
Big Apple Circus, I made sure I was as close to the tent whenever this classy, lovely, intelligent and talented performer was around! (Not to mention drop-dead gorgeous...) And when I was in Clown College, I had the great good fortune to have a couple of one-on-one conversations with her father. He told me that he was actually employed by RBBB for 67 years at that point. When I remarked on what a career, and how amazing it was to be with the same employer for so many years, he said, and I'll never forget it: "Yeah, looks like it's turning into steady work, whaddya think?"

--Howard Wahlberg, RBBBCC class of 1984, Big Apple Circus marketing associate, 1986-89.