Saturday, July 29, 2006

Riddle Sanctuary #2

"Peggy" out back in the pond. Now this is an elephant that will kick you around if you don't know your business, that's the reason she was given to me years ago. I thought it was imperative that I retire her into the hands of exprienced people.


dutchess42 said...

Tenn sanctuary where elephants live in old age. Humans not so lucky. They have a chance in Arkansas. The elephant at Riddles look fisty and happy. You are only as good as your people. Real elephant people that care in realistic ways. Not young people with fantasy in their minds to be used as fodder.

Douanita said...

Hi Buckles,

Can you tell me something about the elephants you owned?
In the NORTH AMERICAN REGIONAL STUDBOOK I found information anout 8 elephants.

Does Indy (also called India or Ned?!) still live in your care?
And did you also have/had African elephants?

Greetings from the Netherlands

Buckles said...

Eight sounds about right. "Ned" now belongs to Lance Ramos who incidently will provide a new tiger act for the Ringling Red Unit.
The only African I ever owned was "Amy" who along with "Anna May" and "Peggy" were retired to Riddles place.
I no longer have any elephants.