Friday, July 28, 2006

From Jim Elliott #2

These next two pictures were taken at the Ionioa, Mich. Fair in the late 1950's showing Gene Holter's fair unit.
The elephant is "Babe" originally from Gentry Bros. Circus.


Anonymous said...

Richard Reynolds asks - -

Does anyone have proof positive just when the animal came to Gentry other than the unattributed statement - - "in 1900."

Similairy do we know the exact year she died or was euthanized by Holter. I have two dates - - May 1966 at Norco, Calif. and April 1967 at Bloomington , Calif. Which is correct?

Precise dates are important here for she may hold the longevity record for an elephant in America.

Bob Cline said...


I have her recorded as coming to the Gentry show by way of the Hagenbeck Zoo in 1900. Her death is recorded as May 18, 1967.