Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Dan Rice

Very interesting comments by David Carlyon regarding Mr. Rice at "Dan Rice Circus 1937 #1", this picture from my collection, whom I find that I resemble more and more as time flies by.


David Carlyon said...

Buckles, I see what you mean about the resemblance. Maybe get yourself a cape, throw on a snappy hat like Rice's, and pose with the same wild look in your eye, so we can compare directly.

Buckles said...

Am I correct in saying that the cartoonist Thomas Nast had Rice in mind when he created the U.S. symbol "Uncle Sam"?

David Carlyon said...

Unfortunately, as a careful historian I have to give a Yes-and-No answer. Nast was a fiercely ardent Republican who never would have consciously used a Peace Democrat like Rice as a model. (There were earlier Uncle Sam images but they culminated in the one we know now from Nast's pen.)

On the other hand, Rice pervaded so much of America, and his image (top hat, stripes, tailcoat, and goatee with no mustache) was so powerful that Nast HAD to be influenced. So though I can't prove infuence, Nast did make Uncle Sam a dead ringer for Dan Rice.

Email me directly if you'd like more information. David