Saturday, July 22, 2006

Bertram Mills' Circus #6

The Wallenda's learned their business from their parents, who in turn, were instructed by their own mother and father. Their grandmother was English. As is usual with circus families, their training started in infancy and the present troupe is already following the same tradition. Karl Wallenda has a 4 year old daughter who is already an expert wire walker.

Cilly Feindt was born in Berlin but her fame is international. She is rated among the finest women riders of high school horses in the world. This is her first appearance in England.
Although only nineteen, she has been a cicus artiste for some years. She began as a rider under the tuition of the famous horseman Carl Hess.

The Walkmirs are Italians. Their "perch act" was learned in their father's circus, that of Signor Walkmir , all of whose family are circus artistes. Between them they speak four European languages. This is their first appearance in England.

Comedy trampoline act. Cosmopolian is the only fitting description of the Cleos, since the members of the troupe represent four nationalities, viz: England, Hungary, Denmark and Austria.

Clyde Ingalls, the human encyclopedia about fairs and side shows is again in charge of this aggrregation of indescribable interest.
Juba and Joker, the two lion cubs are on view.
For the first time in London a Turkish gentleman, Zaro Agha by name, who has just celebrated his 156th birthday and is far and away the oldest man in existence.
An embalmed bull whale, weighing 65 tons and reputed to be 200 years old at the time of his capture, is on exhibition.
There is also a new Wall of Death, as well as the Congress of Strange People including giants, strong men, midgets, dwarfs, etc.


24-HOUR-MAN said...

Walkmir was also the creator of the Airplane Act, "Aida,Godess of The Moon", which later became "Celeste", the rigging then passed to Jacquline Zerbini, and is now in the hands of The Anastisinis.