Monday, July 31, 2006

Althoff Riding Tiger 1970 #4

The tiger was so big that when he would step down, the horses knees would actually buckle a bit. For the finish the horse would galop around the arena and the tiger would vault repeatedly from the ground to it's back, always returning to the mat seen in picture #1 so the distance would be equal for each run.


Roger S said...

Not only that, when he bounded out of his shifting cage into the arena, the audience never failed to produce gasps of awe and admiration.

And I'll be damned if I can remember his name.

jerry digney said...

this was a terrific crowd pleaser and in 1970 on the blue unit it was part of a "mafia" of young attractive talents, including the Altoffs, Elvin Bale, Tito Gaona, Jose Guzman, motorcycle wire act, Mickey Antalek, Frank Foster, etc.--one of Ringling's best ever shows, loaded with top acts...great Sun. night backyard barbeques, Charly B. leading the way. As i recall, the Altoffs left the show soon after, eventually divorcing and Franz finding his own success in Europe. Think Eveyis long retired from show biz but she was a great presenter and very young as i recall.