Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Benson Animal Farm/Zeke Walsh

Rebecca, I only knew Zeke when she was married to Baudy. A hard worker, she drove the semi-truck while Robert went ahead in his car. On the winter dates after driving all night, she would arrive at the building thoroughly bedraggled as we all were and start right in unloading the cat cages. Robert would show up later in the day from the hotel to check things out.


Rebecca said...

I am the one that made that crack about Baudy being a marice chavali[?] in his own mind. Perfect SOB in mine. And several other ladies. I gave him a fat lip and Zeke thought it was funny. He never bothered me again. Zeke always did all the work. Read his book. Don't buy it, borrow it. Its not worth the price. Now do you want to really know what I think of him?

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is one of those pictures that sent me slamming back into my childhood at sixty miles an hour without a seat belt. Benson's and the Catskill Game Farm were two "attractions" we hit every other year in the 60's driving from Central New York to Portland to see the relatives. Didn't much care for the cousins, but loved Benson's.

Anonymous said...

See the guy in the back reminds me of that old joke: “Hey look at all those #%#*+!es on that elephant."

Bob Cline said...

Would this be their bull, BETSY? I know she was with them for many years. Did she have a circus history also?

Buckles said...

Yes it is. She put in her whole career at Benson's. I have a picture of her half grown and giving rides already.