Friday, December 23, 2005

Sparks Circus 1920's #2

I love this picture, all it says on the back is "Rose Alexander of the Alexander troupe".
This is a good example of how basic circus life was. The performers had a couple of buckets outside waiting for the water wagon to come by to fill up and Mz. Alexander would have a collapsible rack in her trunk she could hang things on and that was about it.
When we showed in urban areas my mother would go marching off the lot with a bundle of dirty clothes, knock on doors until she found some woman with a washing machine, she would always offer to pay but more often than not it would turn into a social event and sometimes she might even bring back cookies and stuff as well.
In poorer neighborhoods it was just the opposite, the people would come on the lot with food for sale and offers to perform various services.
On the Cole Show I once overheard one of the candy butchers say "I wonder if Sally and Suzie will be by this year?" My wildest fantasy was to actually catch a glimpse of Sally or Suzie.


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be grand to live like this again. We all have too much stuff. George Carlin did a show once where he talked about people and their stuff. I can not remember anyone on the circus route having a lot of stuff. I would walk away from mine in a minute if I could be on one of the mudd shows in the 50 and 60s