Thursday, December 22, 2005

Orton Bros. Circus 1922

Not to be outdone, this is my Aunt Nellie doing her Theda Bara dance.
I'm sure that many an Iowa farm hand had restless nights after seeing this.


Anonymous said...

While living in Colorado I took belly dancing lessons. Just try this sometime. Never was I as sore in my life. Thought it would be so simple. These dancers have my respect. I have a really nice picture in my get up. A really talented dancer can be sexy wearing a table cloth. Useing your hips, hands, simbles and a vail is not easy either. My girl friends and I would go across from the lesson place to OBrain.s Bar and Grill and do our stuff. What a Blast. End the trip at the press club as one of my girl friends husband was a reporter and they had a tab. Girls night out. One of the girl friends called yesterday from Colorado. We can not believe some of the stuff we did in those days. She still drives a limo and has no plans to retire soon. Her favorite star was Bob Hope. All this because of a picture of Buckles Aunt.