Saturday, December 31, 2005

Message from a friend

In an unrelated matter, if you would scroll down to the Spangles Circus program and click on the messages, you will see one from one of my best friends in Jr. High School in Hot Springs, Ark. Lewis Morgan.
In this picture Lewis is standing at right and at left is his step father the coach Dick Nance. Unfortunately I can't remember the names of any of the players in the back row except #4 Larry Stephens, maybe some of you folks in Garland County can help me.
Kenneth Austin holding the ball was the tallest guy on the team but the least aggressive. In one game he got manhandled and the ball taken away by a smaller player. Coach Nance called a time out and kept telling Austin to hold the ball up high and he replied "Coach, he hit me on the arm!" then Coach reached up and pulled his head down on his shoulder and said "Poor baby, did it get hit on the arm?" Then he yelled "If I was as big and ugly as you are I'd score 30 points every game. Now get back in there!".
As my Verizon daughter Dalilah says of me today "He needs work on his people skills".


rebecca said...

I am surprised that not one of the young men put devils horns on another student. The straps above number 12s head comes close. Was basketball mandatory? Are you surprised at how many people from different years of your life respond to the blog?

Buckles said...

Quite the contrary, football was the only thing that got me back to school off the road each Fall. I was always late coming in and a pretty sorry student overall.
Yes I am surprised at some of the people I hear from.

GaryHill said...

Wild guess? You are #7? Gary

Buckles said...

Now you did it.
You put the finger on me!