Thursday, July 21, 2005

Barnum & Bailey 1917/ Harry Mooney

This is Harry Mooney who was in charge of the Barnum & Bailey elephants in 1917. I can find no record of him prior to 1903, the year the show returned from it's five year European tour. This tells me that he was probably hired while the show was abroad. Wish I had a hat like that, I'd wear it to Peru.


Dennis said...

Harry Mooney was a great trainer. I see other people attempt this trick but never with the same style and grace as Mooney. I saw Fredrick Harris from the Cole circus try this trick and nearly get squashed. I think Harry Mooney doesn't get the credit he deserved as animal trainer. He was much more knowledgeable then the likes of Clyde Beatty but didn't have the presenting ability of Beatty. Does anyone know if it was true Harry Mooney had a terrible speech impeditment when he was younger?

Billy said...

I believe Harry Mooney was Italian. I seen that trick in Europe performed but with only dogs. Nothing nearly as large, Beatty was great animal trainer, better than Mooney could dream of. Haven't you seen any movies?

rebecca said...

Billy, have you ever seen how movies are made? Circus people who lived the life know more about the real trainers then movie people. We all have our heros. Beatty was not one of many, many other circus folks. That comment about him being a better trainer then Mooney is very wrong, but it was your comment, so if that is what you believe go for it. My hero is one of the most disliked people on earth, but he is still and always will be my hero.

billy said...

Who is your hero Rebecca? Harry Mooney was not nearly as talented as Beatty. Just look at the previous post by Buckels. Buckles would agree with me whole heartly. Beatty was the best trainer that ever lived. Nobody could match is style, grace, and showmanship. Beatty was the best.

Dennis said...


How much have you had to drink this morning? I have been fortunate enough to see both Mooney and Beatty. There is no question Beatty was great presenter but he was not an animal trainer. I hope I don't burst your bubble but what you see in hollywood is not always accurate. Rebecca is totally right. Beatty would never attempt a trick like this, cause if he failed, (which he would have) he would have so much more to lose. Beatty was great with the public and had an image to protect. I hate to hear people say Beatty was great trainer. Spend 10 years in the circus and you know what I am talking about. Love the post Buckles. Keep posting

Anonymous said...

Is that Harry Mooney
standing next to Fritz and the other elephants as theyre drinking water,in the George M Bates photographs
taken in Hamburg Germany
in May/June 1900?