Thursday, July 28, 2005

Al G. Barnes & Sells Floto Cicus 1938/ Los Angeles

As a rule, horse power was the way circuses were moved but not in this instance. The next step would be to get two elephants behind the wagon to push.


Nancy said...


That image is the very reason why Peta was created. To save animals from dangerious situations that take years off there life. I love animals and the enviroment. I really like circuses but I do not enjoy seeing animals tormented.

Ben Trumble said...

Needless to say these pictures are seventy years old. they're about history and I fail to understand how they can therefore serve as evidence of the ills of the circus, as it were. That said, google tsunami and elephant and you'll see modern photos of the same kind of labor. Elephants saved lives after the tsunami because they were on hand and could go places heavy machinery could not.

The facts are out there if you want to really check. Circus elephants have greater average longevities than either wild animals,or zoo animals. Work does not take years off life, it keeps animals fit.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. Wrong comment, wrong picture. Wrote the above thinking of the second photo in today's series. The life of a baggage horse in any industry was tough. But PeTA wasn't founded for the sake of baggage horses, the RSPCA was in the UK to protect London draught horses a Century before PeTA existed.

Larry said...

Well said Ben!
Nancy, this site is about circus history and showfolk. If you dont' appreciate that line of work get lost.

Wendy said...

Look at the poor horse in the bottom of the picture being abused like that. How would you feel being strapped to wagon and having to pull throw mud, slee, and snow?

Wendy said...

Good job Nancy, don't let these bullies pick on you.