Thursday, June 30, 2005

When Shannon drops by each afternoon after work to pick up the kids he strolls into the computer room and casually punches up the days stats. He can tell how many people visited my Blog Site that day, how long they stayed, how many were first time visitors, how many returned and even their location. There are a couple from Brooklyn that have me slightly puzzled. He then shows me a pie shaped graph which indicates the "Old Guard" that have been with me from the beginning in one color, newcomers in another color, those that have repeated, etc. He even showed me another graph indicating that the hits are down on the weekend which is understandable but that overall it grows by the day. He also informed me that the slate will clear tonight and begins anew each month.

My daughter Dalilah enjoys most of my pictures and notes but mostly the contemporary stuff. Likewise with my wife but she says she can get along nicely without the sarcasm so I will close out June on a bright and airy note with a picture of the Ken & Nicole World Famous Circus Concert Band about to offer their rendition of "Pimpin' All Over the World" and "Kinda High, Kinda Drunk"


Dalilah said...

I beg to differ Dad!!!! I Like all of these old pictures and cannot stand contempary stuff. However, having said that, if you are refering to the more modern tunes such as "Pimpen All Over the world", then yes I am all over it. :-) Dalilah