Tuesday, June 21, 2005

This is George Denman having completed the march from the cars and dismounted from his horse is leading the herd into Colts Park, Hartford, Ct. 7/9/30. The show carried 34 elephants that season including 3 males surprisingly all tuskless, John, Sammy and Joe. Denman appears quite dapper with his bow tie and riding breeches, all his assistants were expected to wear ties as well as you can see on Cowboy Taylor and Edward Doherty riding "John". This was Denmans 23rd season under Ringling employ, having been in the elephant Dept. with Barnum & Bailey when that show was purchased by the Ringlings. He retired during the 1933 season and was replaced by another old timer Bill Emory. Denman died in 1937.


Anonymous said...

Is there a photograph of the male"Joe"?
I remember reading somewhere where he was discribed as being kind of tall and rangey for a Asian elephant before he had to be killed.