Saturday, June 25, 2005

The Ringling Show had three giants in 1948 these were the Fishers "Worlds Largest Married Couple" and the "Icelandic Giant" Johann Petersson who was attired in Viking garb with the horned helmet. This shot seems to have been taken in some CHS member's circus room. Buckles

After giving this photo a second glance, I think this might be the Hertzberg Circus collection at the San Antonio Library.


Roger Smith said...

YUou're right. The Hertzberg Circus Collection then was housed on the 3rd floor of the San Antonio Public Library, at 210 W. Market Street. Later, it was given the entire building, then it was closed and relegated to being packed in crates in the basement of the Witte Museum, out on Broadway, never again to be available for public viewing or research. This entry comes many years later, on April 29, 2016.