Friday, June 24, 2005

Iron Jaw

I still don't have a grip on sending messages out on this new system. On re-reading the tiger items a couple don't even make sense, and to make matters even worse, if I hit the wrong button the picture is published in mid-sentence. In-as-much as that this time last year I didn't even know how to plug the machine in I ask for your patience. By the way, the best tiger trainer I ever worked around was Charley Baumann. Buckles


Anonymous said...

Yes Charley sure had style .

Anonymous said...

Listen, You're doing fine, a year ago I couldn't couldn't even spell "Komputor Oparater", now I are one?
Bill S.

Gary Hill said...

Buckles, working for Charley and Jewel at the same time and having you with the Ringling herd, was an experience I never could have dreamed of! All the best and I Love your web site! I will try to scan some stuff from Circus World and Winter Quarters as soon as my son shows me how! Thanks, Gary Hill