Thursday, June 23, 2005

I suppose there is humor in all things. I thought the Prohibition Era was a more serious affair. Someone wrote on the back of this picture "Sells-Floto" but the big top side wall in the background appears rather low for a show that size. Buckles


Anonymous said...

My father, Jack LeClair became quite well known in the clown circus world for a character he created during the prohibitionIt was a walkaround of a man with a head and neck that looked like a camel. The man had a hump on his back, like a camel. The idea was that because man could not get booze and had to drink so much water instead, he was turning into a "Camel". There was lots oa political clowning done in the past in the American circuses and Europe also. In fact in ancient history, the jester and clown character that entertained the nobility were the only ones who could do political jabs without having their heads cut off. Jackie LeClaire