Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Clyde Bros. Circus 1956 #9

Scan10821, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

"Mary", "Sue" and "Ruth".
I think the names came from Mrs. Ruth Suesz and daughter Mary Sue.


Wade G. Burck said...

Great pictures, thank you. These were the first elephants I worked with. Ruth had died, and they were Mary, Sue, and Margie by then. Wonderful old girls who let you think you actually knew what you were doing.
Wade Burck

Anonymous said...

Above, I noted Enoch Brafford as my first paying circus boss. The photo of Eddie Akin reminded me that I wore a belt that day from my leathercrafting, and Akin noticed it. I told him I had made it and suddenly he thrust an elephant head-piece at me and asked me to repair it. I said I didn't have the tools for a job like that, but he urged me to try. I took it home and the dog went nuts for a week. I finally sent it to Edmond, minus the repairs, with an apology, but it took another week for the scent to die off before the dog settled down.