Friday, August 10, 2007

Circus Krone #1 (From Filipe von Gilsa)

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"Colonel Joe"
When this elephant came to Circus Vargas from the LA Zoo in 1973 he had already been castrated at the Vet School in Davis, Cal. To my knowledge, the first time this had ever been done successfully. At the zoo he was called "Dillinger" so they must have known something.
With Vargas he was trained by Wally Ross who re-named him "Colonel" after my dad but later Rex Williams changed it to "Joe" (Joe Metcalf) since he always preferred one syllable names.
For some reason, his billing has remained "Colonel Joe", even in Europe.



Mark said...

Hi Buckes

I traveled with the show in the mid 70's for about 6 months. I have a few good old stories about the days and the people. the best six months of my life. I worked with Colonel and all the rest Mini, Cora, etc. And I remember Wally,Cliff, Mike, Bones and many more.