Tuesday, July 10, 2007

King Bros. Circus 1977

Scan10051, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

This was included in the recent material from Wesley Brown. I never saw this show but it looks pretty nice here. The tent looks to be a 90' maybe even 100'. In my files I have three elephants listed "Konti", (from the Dailey Show),"Ola" (from Don Franklin Carnival) and "Jackie" (from Jungleland in 1000 Oaks).


Harry Kingston said...

King Bros. was a great circus.
When I caught it Harry Rawls was the manager and Mary was with him.
Mary Jo Couls was office manager.
Charlie Stevenson had the live 3 or 4 piece band.
They billed a town and you would swear that largest show on earth was coming.
They had a very good side show with acts and animals.
They had a great performance and it was all circus.
It was the best experience for me as I had never seen it either and they treated a circus fan like you were a king.
I saw it later on and Whity Black was the manager and they had a flying act then and the tent was not high enough and had to block up two of teh four center poles.
King Bros was always well painted and looked like a circus.
The King show made the Acme circus corp. alot of money.
I remember driving over to Eunice, Louisiana one year and they had a 2:30 show only and I think half the town was there. The towners filled all the seats plus were setting in rings one and three plus they were up ring two. What a straw house it was and Whitey Black was all smiles.
Frank McClosky, I bet loved the take that day.

Anonymous said...

When I was on the "King show" they had Sid, Ola & Conti.. Mr. LEE