Wednesday, November 07, 2018



Chic Silber said...

This is Patty & Hines Rucker

whom I mentioned yesterday

Tony Greiner said...

Hines had this act with Jim Nordmark's International All Star Show, Fall of 1983? He had Patty had split, but both were on the show and did the act together. Dave Epperly had the band and played organ (as a bandsman, my main job was to drive trucks and help unload them...playing trombone was incidental). Gaylord Maynard was breaking in a new Bear Paw, and working a lot with the drummer. That act was nothing without the drum kicks- it was interesting to see how in combo they came together for a good comedy bit. Lee Stevens was talking about developing a baboon act, Belinda Maynard did single trap, Joe Eddy Fairchild did some magic. A pretty strong cast for a school show.

Chic Silber said...

Wasn't Lavoie Hipps also there

at that time Tony maybe Manager

Bob Mitchell worked the office

here in Sarasota & maybe booked

I knew Jim very well back then

His favorite watering hole was

a couple blocks from my office

Chic Silber said...

As I mentioned the other day

Betty & Joe Eddie ended up

with this leopard which was

also carved in wood to grace

Jim's fancy office front on

The Trail near Osprey Avenue

Chic Silber said...

Jim had a couple of shows

on the road including 1

that utilized "Slick" oiled

plastic ice floor sections

His phone rooms did very well