Saturday, July 14, 2018

ART #14


Don said...

From a photo shoot at Wini McKay and Chester Cable's place in California.

Their LA Circus provides props, costumes, tents and circus equipment to the movie and TV industry. They also produce special events large and small.

Don Covington

Bob Swaney said...

They were featured performers on the Big John Strong Circus and on Big John’s touring Christmas shows in the 70s.

Roger Smith said...

Kim Baer and I took Parley to a circus produced by Wini and Chester at the Motion Picture Hospital and Country Home, in Woodland Hills. We were all long-time friends, and this show, a small derivative of their L.A. Circus, was given to great enthusiasm by the retired movie folks, in the Louis B. Mayer Theatre there. This venue regularly screens new movies for the residents long before a public release date. As actress Mary Astor noted, "If you have to be institutionalized, this place is the best."