Sunday, February 04, 2018

#16 Friends!


Roger Smith said...

A little background: Parley Baer had a massive stroke in '97 which took his speech, and ended his career as an actor. In late 2001, his daughter, Kim, won his approval for me to be in their home, in Tarzana, to assist in his 24/7 caregiving. When we were planning to visit Buckles, on UniverSoul, down in Inglewood, Parley pointed to this portrait of Opal's one-foot stand, which had hung for years in a place of honor. Through his skills as an actor, even without words, he made it clear we were to take it to Buckles as a gift. We got Parley into his wheelchair, transferred him into his gold Ford Taurus, and I drove all of us down to the lot, where we presented this to Buckles and Shannon.