Tuesday, February 06, 2018

#1 Ringling-Barnum!

Walter McLain and Menagerie Dept!
.....love those hats!


Paul Gutheil said...

Looks like a precursor of the Bello & Bo edition.

Pete pepke said...

Buckles: I have tried for sometime to contact you thru various mutual friends. At age 81 I am a reluctant newcomer to the computer world. I have to say that your daily efforts are looked forward to by me, and I hear from many others who feel the same way. Some years ago we moved again and this time I dumped loads of memorabilia collected over a sixty year involvement with all things circus to good friends Al Stencell, Ed Li,Bach and several others. That's why your efforts are so appreciated. My start with the business began when I got to know my next door neighbor Elmer H. "Cap" Jones who with brothers. R.T., Alexc, J. Augustus were known as the kings of the two car shows.Growing up next door to Elmer exposed me to the greats and near greats! And Dad was a harness maker (Waxie) who left home with a carnival in the seventh grade. Mom was a musician in the vaudeville days. So in 1954 after I barely made it thru high school, I joined the Henry Vonderheid show on drums and trombone. That is why your daily photographs are so important to us all. I especially like to bring back the many memories of so many old friends. You are pry forming a wonderful thing, especially recalling the little known and remembered people I got to know working with and for Betty and Hoxie, JimesM. Cole, Stu Miller Jim Nordmark, and others. Pleaseknowthat you and your daily work brings untold pleasure and enjoyment to all of us as we settle into a retirement period. Thanks.