Friday, January 12, 2018

#1 Blue Show!

Hugo Schmitt!
Unusual to unload elephants in a Uniform!
.....must have been a Photo Op! Elephant at left is "Minyak"!
Note the System Baggage Car, this makes it 1957 the first year after the Show folded under canvas and the old Elephant cars were deemed unsuitable for the Helter Skelter Indoor and Ball Park route the first few seasons.


Bardon said...

Every day is a treat to see your posts. I look at the blog everyday first thing. Thank you for your faithfulness to all of us followers by sharing your knowledge and your family's life. I am sure I speak for all who enjoy the blog,.... Your the best...thank you.

Paul Gutheil said...


Roger Smith said...

I had a long and memorable visit with Doc Henderson at a moment like this one. We awaited the arrival of the 1957 elephants at the MKT depot, in Waco, Texas. Doc never liked moving the herd like this. Naturally, on the canvas show, he always knew his animal roster was in specific cars on designated sections of the consist, and he felt confident knowing where they were. With elephants in system boxcars, which were not designed for elephant transport, he could only stand and wait.