Sunday, December 10, 2017

#1 Big Apple Circus!

Enjoyed ShowFolks Circus last night in Sarasota!


Paul McCarthy said...

I just tried to leave a message here for Wade Burck, but something went wrong with my e-mail. It's appropriate that there is a white tiger in this post and it's the most recent so I am hoping that Wade Burck will see it. The last e-mail I had for him seems to be defunct. I wanted to ask him whether he has seen any of the videos on the internet of the blue eyed albino baby female orang utan which has been rescued from somebody in Borneo and placed in a sanctuary. It reminds me so much of Snowflake the albino gorilla who lived in Barcelona Zoo who I know was always a special favorite of Wade's, and also Pinky the albino chimpanzee who had one blue eye and one brown, and the albino gibbon which lived at Philadelphia Zoo, but died tragically in a fire. Anyway I just wanted to convey this message to Wade if he sees it and also wish him a good Christmas & happy New Year, to him and his family and to anybody else who sees this. Thank you. Take care. Sincerely Paul McCarthy