Monday, September 11, 2017

We Made It

Shannon here:

Looks like we made it thru OK. No major damage, even the electricity stayed on the whole time. Quick inspection shows minor branches and palm fronds all over the place. Houses and RV's are fine.

Not satisfied by the non stop coverage of Hurricane Irma, our own weather inspector stepped outside to assess the situation.


Harry Kingston said...

Glad you made it all ok and feel great that your power stayed on as you all must be living right.
Here in Texas we lost power for 5 hours BUT the city lost it's water plant on account of flooding as we had Harvey dump tons of rain on us and sat on us for many days.
Shut down I-10 for days and all other coming in and out.
Areas still has standing water.
Many houses flooded and streets lined with what was inside the houses with mold.

Bardon said...

Prayers answered for sure, Glad you are all ok there.

Bob Swaney said...

Good to hear you're OK. Are you saying that when Irma took one look at the fearsome inspector, she moved quickly on? Hope to hear from other Florida blog readers and that they made it through OK.

Hal Guyon said...

Wonderful news, and without losing power. It`s raining and breezy here in Columbia, SC this morning, but we`re suppose to get 4"-6" of rain and wind gust up to 55 mph this afternoon. Praying that all my other Florida friends came out OK.

Bob Momyer said...

Glad too know you folks came through it OK, Even the inspector looks to be in good shape.

Paul Gutheil said...

Best news I could hope to hear. Thinking of Monica and young Johnny and bears who were right in her path. Peace

Charles Hanson said...

Chic...Please fill us in about Sarasota....Thanks

Chic Silber said...

All's well here in Sarasota the old broad was a dud

Out of ulectricity & home phone since 2P yesterday

I just came down to the office where all is well also

Here we have power & phone service (& internet)

My cel phone was working (more or less) but not now

Not intending any work today so I'm headed home

It is 1 gorgeous day here in paradise

My dumb luck held out once again

More plywood than I've ever seen in my life

Certain to be good prices on second use plywood

& Charles I brought the floss pan from my

warehouse to the shop to send it out before

my last runout but now it may have to wait

Don said...

Glad to hear that you are OK. The Weather Channel made it seem like Tampa Bay was going to reclaim all of West Florida.

Don Covington

Charles Hanson said...

Thanks Chic...Glad you guys came out as well as you did....No hurry on Floss pan....At your convenience.....Be Safe