Wednesday, August 09, 2017

#17 Europe


Patricia said...

Kinoshita Circus again, 2006-7. Masai the Giraffe. What a cool animal! 18 1/2 feet to the top of his horns. Huge. I can still hear the gasps from the crowd when he came through the curtain. Cold days occasionally had 8 ft. long legs flying in all directions, but besides that he was gentle as a lamb. Jim said he was a Rothschild giraffe.

I especially enjoyed the back lit 10 ft. string of drool which floated over the audience after he's take a banana from a kid's hand.

One rainy day I was passing by his corral, suddenly my umbrella disappeared from my hand. I looked around, it wasn't windy, so I looked up- and there was Masai having a grand time with my umbrella 20 feet up! Trashed the umbrella, but he sure had fun!

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