Wednesday, August 09, 2017

#16 Europe


Patricia said...

Same group as "Europe #3" photo, though it is Kinoshita Circus, Japan, 2006 or 2007. A Jim Clubb act, John Illig on the left, me on the right. This was one of two groups I worked for Jim which had (but didn't need) two people in the arena. John could easily have worked this alone, and I did work it alone when John went back to England to break into a new act which was swapped out on Kinoshita for this one. I'm not sure why Jim likes the two person thing so much.

For me, it was the most disorienting thing in the world to have another person in the arena. I always practiced and worked by myself. It felt like being in the passenger seat of a vehicle, and stomping on the empty floorboard upon approaching a stop sign. It's a control issue, I guess. I preferred the driver's seat. I felt safer. The decisions made, for better or worse, were mine to deal with. To relinquish that control made my brain sputter. Badly.

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