Thursday, August 03, 2017

#10 Polack Bros.

Some sort of  "Foot Print" Publicity Picture while the show was playing California.


Billie Lou Henderson said...

Foot prints for Mogambo at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. The prints were temporary.

Paul Gutheil said...

I think the poster is promoting Mogambo, Grace Kelly and Ava Gardner and they even paid Clark.

Roger Smith said...

As she was known for, before becoming Her Serene Highness, Grace made determined plays for her leading man. She made a fool of herself over Cary Grant, during IT TAKES A THIEF. On MOGAMBO, she cozied up to The King between and after takes. Frank Sinatra paid his own way to Africa to keep an eye on wife Ava, not trusting the instincts of Gable. But the two men got on famously once Frank found Clark to be quite a guy and respectful of both he and his wife.